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Sales Bluebird is a newsletter for sellers who believe that selling the business value of a solution is the key to success (no matter how "technical" the product is!).You'll get proven strategies to help you get more opportunities, maintain momentum in your sales cycles and win bigger deals.Short. Actionable. Game-changing.

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"Andrew does a great job getting to the heart of the matter when it comes to solving sales leader, rep, and customer. I always find his content easy to engage with while super relevant and practical. Highly recommend."

John Mayhall
CRO @ CyberGRX

"Very interesting conversation and am thrilled to hear innovative and bright technologists such as Ayal Yogev who realize the criticality of the routes to market versus relying on the feature/functionality of a great product."

Tom Knight
VP of Sales

"Andrew provides great content and value across the board. Whether you are in sales, or a CEO/CRO, product marketing etc., you will have plenty of takeaways. And for the seasoned sales folks, there is so much insight to keep your skills sharp and avoid falling into bad habits. Keep it up and thank you Andrew!"

Scott Rodes
Director of Strategic Accounts @ Tanium

"Great content! Impactful questions and answers and I always have more than one takeaway! Keep it up!"

Cybersecurity Seller

"I wanted to send you a quick note to say your podcast is fantastic! It’s great to find a resource that is focused like yours in the cybersecurity space. I love hearing about the challenges other CROs face, and I typically share episodes with my team. Keep up the great work!"

Russell McGuire
CRO @ Ironscales

"The podcast, as well as Andrew's personal material on LinkedIn, is simple and very effective. I look forward to the content that is put out because it is a great reminder on how to be an effective professional sales rep or manager. The messages here break it down in a simple fashion so the individual is able to interpret it and put it into action. This podcast and Andrew's content teach you that the sales world is constantly evolving and you must evolve with it."

Nick Patrick

"Andrew (in line with his sales philosophy) provides immense value to his audience of sellers and leaders. Anyone building a cybersecurity company (yes that means you too, founders, product, engineering, etc) would benefit from giving this a follow and putting its lessons to work."

Cybersecurity Seller

"A fun and down to earth podcast with conversations between leaders in the trenches. I walk away with a lot of great learnings and notes!"

Dan Parelskin
VP of Sales @ Axis Security

"I’ve been looking for a good podcast around cybersecurity and the sales process and this is by far the best. Andrew does a great job interviewing fantastic guests from within the industry and laying out value for anyone in the cybersecurity field. Andrew’s interview format is great as well. I love the 3 questions that are randomly selected. I highly recommend you subscribe and tune in."

Cybersecurity Sales Leader

"Andrew shares great insights and has excellent guests. A great way for sales pros in cyber to stay sharp and learn best practices."

VP of Sales @ Zscaler